Thursday, November 3, 2011

So...I Wrote a Poem About Unrequited Love

I cannot monopolise your feelings
Or cameo in your dreams
I’ll never sit with you and talk freely
Between coffee and Arnott’s Creams.

Because you don’t know the private struggle:
The thoughts that flail about
In the mind of the unloved man
Who stares blankly into space
And forgets as best as he can.

There’s always that craving;
That lust for supple skin
There is no desire as intense
No feeling that is akin.

I need that recognition;
Tell me that I matter.
Create a second groove in my couch
Before my self-esteem falls to tatters.

You’ll never know the feeling
Of wanting what you can’t get.
Kiss me now:
With passion;
Because it’s better to try
Than to regret.

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