Monday, May 21, 2012

The Introvert Manifesto

1. A small group of close friends is better than a large group of acquaintances.
2. Make friends with books and films. They will be your main substitute for social interaction.
3. When invited somewhere, ask yourself "Does the person who invited me truly want me there? Or, are they just after a grand attendance to boost their social credentials?" If you decide the latter, stay home.
4. Always use the self-serve checkouts at the supermarket, if available.
5. If it can be done via phone or social media, that's how it SHOULD be done.
6. If you really want to go somewhere (e.g. a concert, a football game) but can't find anyone else who wants to go, go by yourself. Don't let the reluctance of others prevent you from enjoying yourself.
7. Maintain a blog to record and share the thoughts you couldn't tell people in everyday conversation. That is, if  you're passionate about something that no-one in your circle of friends cares about, write it down and share it with people all around the world. There are bound to be people on the Internet who DO care about what you have to say. You just haven't found them yet.
8. If it's within your means, get a pet. They make great company and lack the traits that make human beings so disagreeable.
9. Clubbing is forbidden, UNLESS you go for the music. Still, a night at home listening to your favourite songs is the safest option.
10. The library isn't for 'nerds'. Don't feel ashamed to go there for leisure.
11. Never feel 'obliged' to go somewhere. If you want to go, go. If you don't, don't.
12. Never succumb to peer pressure. Never do something just because it is 'trendy', or because all your friends are doing it.
13. Don't freak out if there's an awkward silence in a conversation. In fact, the silence will only feel awkward if you're not on good terms with the person.
14. If you're browsing items in a store, and a clerk asks "Can I help you?", only say "yes" if you're desperately stuck.
15. Don't confuse being an introvert with being misanthropic. Remember, you don't hate people. You just prefer processing your thoughts inwardly.
16. You can be friends with extroverts. They are not your enemies. Your relationship with them requires mutual respect.
17. Make friends with other introverts. You'll know how to make each other happy, and they'll always understand if you need to vent.
18. Never regard your introversion as an illness. It's just your personality type, and it's completely normal.
19. Try and stay away from noisy environments. Excessive noise is disruptive to introverted thought processes. One exception is fireworks, because fireworks are brilliant.
20. NEVER let anyone get away with telling you "You need to get out more," because they have no idea what's going on inside your head.

Note: This 'manifesto' isn't to be taken too seriously. Most of the items on this list reflect my true beliefs as an introvert, while some are slightly exaggerated. Overall, I hope these principles instil a sense of confidence in introverts, and provide extroverts with a glimpse of the other side.

Oh, one more thing. If you haven't seen the video I've posted below, I highly suggest you watch it. It says a lot more about introversion than my 'manifesto' possibly could.

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