Sunday, October 24, 2010

100 Random [and Possibly Amusing] Facts About Myself

1. Before I sat down to type this, I had a slice of chocolate cake.
2. This sounds disgusting, but I occasionally bite my toe nails!
3. I have stepped inside a wrestling ring.
4. One of my cousins, Dallas Weston, played in the NSWRL/ARL/NRL from 1993 to 2000. He played for both the North Sydney Bears (9 games) and the Parramatta Eels (68 games). He only scored a total of 3 tries in his career. Meh.
5. My favourite five-letter word in the English language is ennui, which is synonymous with boredom.
6. I once collected a few snails and kept them as pets. They died within a couple of days, and I mourned their death. No fucking joke!
7. The first movie that I remember seeing at the cinemas is Bride of Chucky, which was released in Australia in 1999, when I was 5 years old. Oh yeah, I was brought up on horrors, and I loved it that way!
8. My favourite McDonald's burger is the Double Quarter Pounder.
9. The first NRL game that I remember going to was Parramatta vs. South Sydney in Round 26, 1999. It was the 29th of August, which was a Sunday. The Eels won 34 to 16.
10. I once uploaded a video of myself doing a Borat impression to YouTube. It's not there anymore.
11. My favourite actor is Kevin Spacey. My favourite actress would probably be Kate Winslet.
12. My favourite director is Stanley Kubrick, although David Fincher isn't far behind.
13. I have a birthmark, about the same size as two adjacent 10-cent coins, to the right of my belly button.
14. My middle name is James.
15. I have never tried a prawn, and I don't intend to, either.
16. My favourite three-letter word in the English language is wry, meaning humorously sarcastic or mocking.
17. I have a Miniature Fox Terrier named Boyo, and a cat (unsure of breed) named...OK, she doesn't really have a fixed name, although my mum calls her Prissy or Priscilla.
18. I think that The Hangover is an extremely overrated film.
19. I can cross my eyes on command.
20. I have never seen snow in person, only in images and on TV.
21. I have never been on an aeroplane.
22. I hate the feeling of sand between my toes.
23. As a child, my favourite cartoon series was probably Scooby-Doo.
24. I'm going to make a cup of tea right now. Excuse me; I won't be long.
25. Favourite time period of the week is Friday night, around 7:00 P.M. onwards.
26. My favourite song by The Beatles is either Hey Jude or Yesterday - can't split them.
27. I have never seen a complete episode of Friends. I have only ever seen ONE episode of Seinfeld (thought these two facts should be condensed into one).
28. I have never read a single Harry Potter novel, or seen a single Harry Potter film.
29. Favourite spread to put on toast is Vegemite. You either love it or hate it, and I love it!
30. I talk to myself A LOT!
31. My favourite novel is probably High Fidelity by Nick Hornby.
32. I like going into a cinema early, because I secretly enjoy watching the trailers! Oh well, not a secret anymore.
33. When DVDs first came out, I was obsessed with watching the special features of every DVD movie I watched.
34. I haven't vomited since I was about 6 or 7 years old.
35. I have never had a nosebleed in my life, and I don't understand how someone's nose can just start bleeding out of nowhere.
36. I cried when I found out that the Easter Bunny wasn't real.
37. I occasionally listen to Love Song Dedications on Mix 106.5.
38. To cure hiccups, I usually eat a teaspoon of sugar.
39. I occasionally turn light switches on using my nose.
40. I have been known to laugh during my sleep, and I have woken up in tears a few times, due to a depressing dream.
41. I can't stand black licorice.
42. My favourite episode of The Simpsons  is probably Team Homer (AKA, the Pin Pals episode).
43. When I was younger, I would say that I wanted to be an actor when I grew up. I would still pounce on the opportunity if it arose.
44. At 6:00 P.M. on weeknights, I watch Letters and Numbers on SBS. It's addictive viewing.
45. My date of birth is January 14, 1993.
46. If I could invite any three people (alive or dead) to dinner, I would invite Oscar Wilde, Neil Finn and Stephen Fry.
47. I have an appreciation for the natural world and serenity.
48. I can spell surnames that most other people have trouble spelling, such as Tarasiewicz.
49. My favourite teacher that I've ever had is Ms. Durand (Year 10 English).
50. I haven't eaten fairy floss in years, and could really do with some right now!
51. My favourite railway station on the CityRail service is Circular Quay. 
52. I brush my teeth in the shower.


53.I have only tried Red Rooster once in my life.
54. I listen to talkback radio (usually 2GB) during the night while I'm trying to get to sleep.
55. The first DVD I ever watched was the film Black Knight. The first DVD that I bought was Wrestlemania XIX.
56. Favourite TV programs as a child were Art Attack and Round the Twist.
57. I don't like lemon-flavoured soft drinks, such as Solo, however, I like lemon-lime flavoured soft drinks.
58. The worst film that I have ever seen is a low-budget independent film called Scarecrow.
59. Five things that I can reach right now: The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary, a Rubik's Cube, a pack of highlighters, my headphones and my school tie.
60. I collect tickets from NRL games that I attend, and movies that I watch at the cinema. The oldest NRL ticket I own is for an Eels vs. Knights game in 2005. The oldest movie ticket I own is for House of Wax in 2005.
61. I think that the scariest film of all time is The Exorcist (1973).
62. I just decided that I'll be watching Adventureland at 8:30 P.M. on Foxtel tonight.
63. I used to be a massive fan of professional wrestling. I've seen the WWE perform live twice.
64. I have never been to a concert...but I want to go to one.
65. I once called my Year 4 teacher, Mr Stewart, a cow by accident. It was hilarious.
66. I secretly follow horse-racing, although not for the whole year. It's probably because of my dad's avid interest in it. Once again, not a secret anymore.
67. My favourite colour is turquoise.
68. The most bizarre music video I have ever seen is for Peter Gabriel's song Sledgehammer.
69. I once auditioned for the Red Faces segment on Hey Hey It's Saturday. I was five years old (perhaps even four), and I sang two songs which my dad taught me. They were Young at Heart by Frank Sinatra and Camptown Races. I was turned down by the judges.
70. I just finished playing a game of online Scrabble, in which I beat my opponent 322 to 255.
71. My favourite album of all time is Crowded House's compilation album Recurring Dream: The Very Best Of Crowded House.
72. My favourite pizza place is Dom's Pizza Bar at Bossley Park.
73. I have a habit of cracking my knuckles.
74. I STAND UP to wipe.
75. Regular readers would know this, but for those who don't, my favourite band is Crowded House, and my favourite singer-songwriter is Neil Finn. I would kiss that man's feet if I was given the chance. What an amazing talent!
76. My favourite comedian is Carl Barron.
77. I have hairy toes.
78. I have an interest in the paranormal, and would like to visit some places in Australia that are regarded as 'haunted'.
79. I have a talent for impersonating people.
80. I have a specific order for washing my body parts in the shower.
81. I have a habit of alphabetising items.
82. I have a very limited number of clothes that I wear around my house.
83. If I do not appear on MSN for longer than a day, I'm probably dead.
84. The last thing I read was Oscar Wilde's short story The Selfish Giant.
85. I have licked a door knob before, out of sheer curiosity. I hated the taste.
86. I once accidentally swallowed a fly.
87. I walk with a slight limp in my right leg. That's because I injured my right leg when I was about 6 years old. I was playing with my brother on the trampoline in my backyard, but quite stupidly, I encouraged my brother to soap up the trampoline's surface. I accidentally did the splits, and it fucking hurt.
88. Smoking is a massive turn-off to me, and I look down on the habit in general.
89. I have never kissed a girl [romantically].
90. I think the best movies are the ones with very few locations, and with only about four central characters.
91. I have an irrational fear of caterpillars.
92. My newspaper of choice is The Daily/Sunday Telegraph.
93. I enjoy watching tennis.
94. I own something which I call the Jar of Grot. It is a jar which holds things such as two dead flies, the largest piece of ear wax I have ever taken out of my ear, and a few of my dog's claws which have fallen out. It serves no purpose, and it smells quite foul.
95. I have an interest in reading famous quotes. My favourites are from Oscar Wilde and Friedrich Nietzsche.
96. I used to spell hatred as hatrid. See? Even I make spelling mistakes.
97. I really like milkshakes, thickshakes, or any other milk-orientated beverage.
98. I usually get paranoid when lending things to people, because I'm afraid they will be returned in bad condition. That said, I'm more prone to lending things nowadays than I used to be.
99. I have an interest in the JFK assassination and its various conspiracy theories.
100. I saved this one for last, because I think it's the most amazing fact of all - I have a cousin named Spartacus! No word of a lie, I'm being dead serious.

Well, this list took longer than I thought it would, but it was enjoyable to make, and I hope that you, in return, enjoy reading it.


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