Thursday, October 14, 2010

My 'Cheap Thrills'

Sorry guys, but due to English Paper 1 being tomorrow, I won't be able to produce an original entry tonight. For me, writing blogs takes quite a bit of thought and deliberation, and I need to spend the last hour or so of my night establishing some ideas for my creative writing section. If I was to rush a blog entry, it just wouldn't be the same as if I wrote it naturally. That doesn't mean that I'm gonna provide you with nothing tonight. As an alternative, I've decided to post something that I made as a Facebook note about two weeks ago, entitled My 'Cheap Thrills'. I hope you enjoy it, and good luck for tomorrow's exam!


Every human being likes things. Everyone likes to eat their favourite foods, to watch their favourite TV shows, and to listen to their favourite music, for example. Then there are the more subtle things in life that we like. It's likely that your best friend doesn't even know you like these things. These are the 'cheap thrills' of life. In a world where so much emphasis is placed on aiming for high goals and taking life seriously, everyone has their own little 'cheap thrills' that make them who they are; small pleasures that evoke momentary smiles. These are 50 of my 'cheap thrills', just because I'm bothered to list them.

1. Making myself sound like a robot by speaking into a fan.
2. Sliding around my kitchen wearing socks.
3. Seeing bus drivers wave to each other.
4. Finding a wasp nest.
5. Inserting my train ticket into the ticket machine at train stations.
6. Bubble wrap...enough said.
7. Pausing movies at a random scene so the characters have funny facial expressions.
8. Typing '6 x 6 =' on a calculator to test if it works (I rarely test a calculator using any other equation).
9. It's a Friday at school, and someone says "I'll bring that for you tomorrow." There's always one kid who says "Tomorrow's Saturday."      
10. Watching two or more raindrops 'race' down a window.
11. Trying to tickle myself.
12. Practicing accents of a variety of cultures when I am home alone.
13. Seeing fleas jump.
14. Flipping my pillow over to get to the cold side.
15. Waking up with a dead arm, then playing with that arm using the hand connected to my opposite arm.
16. Saying the same thing as another person at the exact same time.
17. Having a relief teacher who tries, to no avail, to control a chaotic class.
18. Collecting movie tickets and tickets from NRL games.
19. Wearing pants that I haven't worn in ages, and finding out that there's something in one, or both, of the pockets.
20. Tim Tam Slams (See
21. Talking in a large, vacant room, just to hear my voice echo.
22. Particular smells: hot bread, mown grass, petrol, permanent markers and bleach, to name a few.
23. Seeing the one kid who turns up to Mufti Days in their school uniform.
24. Being on a bus and finding the bus tickets of strangers...and reading them.
25. Corners...don't ask me why, but I like sitting or standing in corners.
26. Scratching the entire panel on a Scratchies ticket...I like the neatness of it.
27. Tucking my arms inside a jumper when trying to keep warm.
28. Stepping over the cracks in a footpath.
29. Doubling the speed of a song using Windows Media Player.
30. Looking up random streets in a street directory.
31. Searching for people in the White Pages. I don’t stalk them. I just receive some strange gratification from finding someone I know in the phone book.
32. Seeing people who look like Neil Finn (lead singer of the band Crowded House). Let’s face it – a lot of people look like Neil Finn.
33. Having ‘pins and needles’. Sometimes, I can’t stand it. But most of the time, it’s an interesting feeling.
34. When someone is telling me off, and they make a grammatical error in the process. I correct that error, before allowing them to continue.
35. When someone starts a chain of coughs during an exam.
36. The competition that some people have to be the last person to clap during a round of applause.
37. Turning a page over in a book (usually a novel). When I reach the end of a page, I feel as though I’ve accomplished something, even if it’s the first page of a book.
38. Being involved in an awkward silence, and pointing out that the silence is in fact awkward.
39. Being on someone’s Facebook page, then seeing them sign into MSN. It’s a bit freaky. It’s as if they KNOW you’re on their page.
40. Saying/reading/writing/typing a word that is being said on the TV/radio at the same time. It happens to me way too often.
41. Laminating sheets of paper.
42. Calling out someone’s name, having them turn around, and then just staring at them, thus making them look dopey.
43. The fact that I used the word ‘dopey’ in the previous listing. I rarely use that word; change is good.
44. Walking past McDonald’s and smelling ‘that Maccas chip smell’.
45. Staring at people on a train, then looking down when they notice me.
46. Looking all over the house for something, only to realise I’ve been holding it in my hand for the whole time.
47. Encountering people who are so confident that they are right, and get cocky about it, and then proving them wrong.
48. Getting a notification on Facebook.
49. ‘Corny dad jokes’. Ever noticed how every dad enjoys telling jokes to his child/children? Have you also noticed how many of them aren’t that funny? Well, I actually laugh at them, because I appreciate the innocence with which they are told.
50. Knowing bread is going to pop out of the toaster, but still getting a minor shock anyway.

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