Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've Been Blogging for a Week, and Here's What I Think of it

I remember walking to Fairfield Station last Wednesday following my Geography holiday class, thinking 'I'm gonna make a blog when I get home'. I usually listen to music on my iPod during bus rides, but last Wednesday's bus ride home consisted of thinking of a title for my blog, and what I would make my first entry about. In fact, I even thought of the introductory sentence of my first entry.

The title of my blog actually didn't come to me on the bus. I spent a good five minutes sitting in front of my computer screen, tossing up names. I couldn't think of anything that satisfied me, and so I settled with something that didn't satisfy me: Reflections of a Contemplative Mind. Don't get me wrong - I don't think it's a bad name for a blog, but it just sounds a bit clich├ęd. So I finished my first post, read over it, and then submitted it. My first post wasn't anything that special, but it wasn't intended to be. After all, it was just a post to give you a brief insight into my background - who I am, and what I'm here for. My second post explored one of my greatest passions - cinema. I know that some of you may not have watched the movie scenes I posted, but I understand that I can't cater for everyone; that's fine. My third post was in great contrast with its predecessor, as it was a lot more personal in nature. I didn't feel embarrassed to reveal anything about myself in that post, and in a way, I felt compelled to make a lot of those revelations. My next post was a long one, and I'm grateful if anyone read the whole thing. I voiced many strong beliefs about music, and this post gave me that wonderful feeling of getting something of your chest. My next blog, Truth, is perhaps my personal favourite. I felt a sense of peacefulness whilst writing it, and it got my creative juices flowing. I also feel that the length of this post is a nice length for a blog entry, although I know that I'll just about always exceed it. My blog about the HSC is the entry that has received the most feedback so far, and all of it has been positive. I think it provided some comfort to those who were stressing over the HSC. As for my latest blog: Formspring Trolls + the Notion of Self-pity, I wasn't too pleased with the finished product. The first half of it seems like a cry for attention, upon reflection. The second half has some merit, but I spent way too long writing it, drawing quite a few blanks. As for THIS blog entry, I hope it has the same type of vibe as The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular, although I realise it isn't as spectacular. 

So, what do I think of being a blogger? I enjoy it quite a bit. It's a convenient refuge from the day's tedious happenings. Blogging is a great way of examining myself. I'm often analysing other people, so blogging gives me a chance to write about myself, and then critique my overall persona. The fact that I blog daily means that I'll always have something to look forward to. I get bored a lot at home, and I've always believed that you can tolerate almost any degree of boredom in life, as long as you have something to look forward to. I've written most of my blogs close to midnight, and I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it's because Facebook is dead around that time, haha.

Now for the part you've all been waiting for...the part where I thank you all for being such wonderful followers. Despite only having three official followers (Olivia, Antonio and Danny), it seems that I've developed a cult following. I think my biggest thank you goes to Danny Nguyen. *Ponders whether to keep writing in third-person, or switch to second-person to make things more personal.* I'll switch to second-person. Thank you so much Danny, for being a supporter from day one, for the consistent feedback, and for all the time you've taken to fix the problems I've had with formatting (especially with my movie scenes blog). I promised Adrian Ossa that I'd give him a shout-out...thanks for all the feedback Adrian; I'm glad that my blogs provide you with a delicate fusion of entertainment and intellectual stimulation. As for the rest of you - sorry, you just aren't worthy. Do you seriously think I have the time to personally thank all of you? OF COURSE I HAVE THE TIME. Admit it; you thought I was being serious, haha. So, here's my attempt to thank everyone (besides the two guys I've already thanked) who follows my blog (even if you've only read one entry):

* Dean Pisani - If someone as lazy as you is bothered to follow my blog, then I must be doing something right. Oh wait, I just remembered; this blog isn't scho*ol-related.
* Peter Jewo - Glad you like my blogs...but I'm sorry that my colour scheme hurts your eyes.
* Pasquale Bugge - Don't know if you're a regular follower, but thanks for the feedback on my HSC blog. I'm glad it reached out to you.
* Jimmy Le - It's always refreshing when I hear some feedback from people I don't often speak to. Thanks Jimmy, your feedback means a lot.
* Jimmy Nguyen - Based on past conversations with you, I know that we think alike. That said, I can only assume that you enjoy my blog. Thanks for following! 
* Benjamin Hua - Ben, you're one of my most consistent followers, and for that, I am grateful. Thanks for the constant acclaim.
* John Giang-Nguyen - You probably don't advocate me writing blogs during the HSC, but I know that you'll still read them. ;) Thanks man!
* Payam Sobbi - Thanks for the positive words. The fact that you follow my blog, despite not knowing me too well, is a testament to your great character.
* Peter Duc Nguyen - So, you think that I'm awesome, huh? Pfft, you're more awesome. ;) 
* Michael Tran - The fact that one of my posts acts as a remedy for you is flattering to say the least. Thanks mate; you're a legend. 
* Olivia Wolak - I remember you from primary school, and I've seen you at one or two parties before, but never really said "hi". Despite this, you've been a consistent follower of my blog, and one I'm honoured to have. Thanks.
* Antonio Panuccio - My favourite cynic. I haven't actually received any feedback from you to date, but seeing as you're a follower of mine, I can only assume that you've been keeping track of my entries. Thanks man.
* Dan Barnett - I don't know you too well man, but I'm glad to have you on-board.
* Sebastien Khouri - Although the only feedback I've had from you is negative, thanks nonetheless for reading what I had to say.
* Luis Esia - Thanks for the feedback on my movie scenes blog!
* Lucas Maganja - This guy. I know you'll always read what I have to say. Thanks Dad!
* John Marbo - I don't know how often you read my blog...between sleeping and watching movies. Thanks nonetheless!
* Marcus Bankowski - You're one of the most genuine people I know, hence an awesome guy to have reading my blog. Thanks man!
* Domenic Leonello - My fellow thinker. I hope this blog gives you a cheap thrill or two. Thanks for reading!
* Allan Szostak - You're a funny bloke Szostak. Glad to have you on-board!

Well...I THINK that's everyone, but if I have missed you, I'm really sorry - thanks for following; I sincerely appreciate it. Perhaps you follow my blog, but you haven't notified me yet. If that's you, then let me know! It's always nice to know that I have a new follower! You're probably wondering why I'm making such a big deal about all the support I've received. Well, there are times when I question whether I am valued by those around me. It generally seems that the most popular people are always the loud ones, the ones who listen to popular music, the ones who are invited to every party, the ones who drink alcohol and smoke, the ones who know how to mingle with the opposite sex. Judging by the way society works, I often doubt that anyone cares for the kid who lists Crowded House as his favourite band; who does crossword puzzles and plays online Scrabble; who prefers depressing drama films over action films; who considers grammar, punctuation and spelling when on the Internet. By writing about myself on this blog, and having people read it without me telling them to, it reminds me that people DO care about what I have to say. I thought that making this blog may have been a waste of time; that people would only read posts about sex and cars. I thank each and every one of you for changing that perspective of mine. I can go to bed tonight knowing that I am Steven Savona, and that I have people who care about me. 

A massive thank you,

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